Speaking Out Louder: Ideas That Work for Canadians

The only book written by Jack Layton (1950-2011) on his political life and vision, this is the former NDP leader’s passionate call to action and will inspire all Canadians to embrace a better future.

On August 22, 2011, Jack Layton, Official Opposition Leader, died as he lived, with dignity, bestowing to his country a message of hope. Canada was in mourning and within hours of his death, tens of thousands of Canadians — from NDP supporters to political opponents — paid tribute to the man and his legacy through public vigils, memorials, and expressions of grief.

Originally published in 2006, Speaking Out Louder represents Layton’s “blueprint for Canada” Highly acclaimed and powerfully written, this book captures Jack Layton’s political vision and exemplifies the optimism that marked his life’s work. In it he shares personal stories and fascinating, behind-the-scenes details of his career in national politics and talks about the big issues (poverty, AIDS and healthcare, childcare, housing, education) and the ideas that work for Canadians.

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