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In January 2021 Oliva Chow and the Layton family brought together some of Jack Layton’s closest friends and colleagues to put a team in place that would ensure the 10th Memorial Anniversary of Jack’s passing had a positive impact and reminded Canadian’s of his message.

Now, more than ever, Jack's message of love, hope and optimism is needed as we face the challenges this next decade will bring from building a just recovery, to tackling climate change, and bringing about true reconciliation.

The Layton Legacy Committee is anchored by Co-Chairs; Olivia Chow and Brad Lavigne, and members include: Mike Layton, Sarah Layton, Libby Davies, Brian Topp, Josh Bizjak, Genevieve Kleefisch, Bob Gallagher, Tania Liu, Nathan Rotman, Laura Ziemba, Jeff Slater and Tyler Johnson.

Thanks to this committed group of volunteers and all of the LaytonLegacy.ca donors, Jack Layton’s Legacy, along with his incredible contributions to our society, will be celebrated this summer with the inspired Canadians who have continued his work.

At the Heart of the Project

Founded in 2016 by Olivia Chow, the Institute for Change Leaders (ICL) teaches the skills that organizers need to win social change. The ICL is at the heart of the LaytonLegacy.ca website as well as the events and awards commemorating Jack’s Legacy.

All donations toward the Layton Legacy events and awards will be processed through the ICL and those funds used exclusively for Jack Layton’s legacy. All donations are 100% tax-deductible. The ICL will issue tax receipts for all donations made.

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