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Jack Layton was a leader and visionary advocate for progressive change. But it was more than vision: Jack was a practical “doer” who worked at all levels, including in municipal government, in parliament, in collaboration with NGOs, in local communities, and most certainly at the grassroots! He was a joyful and passionate activist who believed in our collective strength to organize for transformative change in every conceivable way. A key component of the Jack Layton Legacy initiative is to encourage and support new waves of activism; to support the long-standing and new emerging groups who are committed to organizing for change in their community and social and physical environment.

The Jack Layton Legacy initiative is delighted to launch:

“ACTIVISM: Our Work Together”

This initiative, as part of Jack's Legacy, is designed to amplify the activism we see all around us. To support, grow, and move forward with the changes we want to see.

What is YOUR activism? What are you A PART OF? What MEANING does activism carry, and how will it change things for the better?

We invite you to participate in this activism initiative as part of Jack’s Legacy. Help lead the way. Help grow the movement. Help make your community - it’s people and environment - strong and sustainable.


Let us know what you and your group are doing and why.

Describe and share your passion for change, and that of your group/organization.

Your involvement not only helps grow the movement overall, it opens up opportunities for your group to access needed resources and training as you continue your activism.

ACTIVISM: Our Work Together will provide 1 award of $5000.00 to the selected group and an opportunity to receive organizing for change training with the Institute for the Change Leaders.

Interested? Apply using the form below:

DEADLINE: Noon on August 9th, 2021


Based on the responses we receive, ACTIVISM: Our Work Together, will share and profile activist/organizing initiatives on the Jack Layton Legacy website (below) and highlight selected initiates at the Jack Layton Legacy 10th Anniversary Gala event on August 22, 2021. The gala event will announce the selected recipient awards.

Have questions? Need more info? Please contact us at [email protected]

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